Imani All Mine (Connie Porter)
Don't Think Twice (Ruth Pennebaker)
Make Lemonade (Virginia Euwer Wolff)
The First Part Last (Angela Johnson)
Slam (Nick Hornby)
Newes from the Dead (Mary Hooper)
Hanging on to Max (Margaret Bechard)
Detour for Emmy (Marilyn Reynolds)
Like Sisters on the Homefront (Rita Williams-Garcia)
Baby Help (Marilyn Reynolds)
Annie's Baby (Beatrice Sparks, ed.)
Too Soon for Jeff (Marilyn Reynolds)
Spellbound (Janet McDonald)
Chill Wind (Janet McDonald)
Keesha's House (Helen Frost
True Believer (Virginia Euwer Wolff)
Dancing Naked (Shelley Hrdlitschka)
Speak (Laurie Halse Anderson)
Go Ask Alice (Anonymous)
Don't Think Twice (Ruth Pennebaker)
I Know It's Over (c.k. kelly martin)
Planet Pregnancy (Linda Oatman High)